SuiteDash for Law Firms

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"SuiteDash helps law firms automate, reduce emails, manual work, and the risk of missing deadlines, provide client portals, document storage and more."

SuiteDash for Law Firms

Today's law firms must leverage technology effectively to improve operations and profitability. SuiteDash provides a range of features that can help law firms automate tasks, reduce over-reliance on emails, reduce manual work, reduce the risk of missing deadlines, improve client communications, provide custom client portals, and provide document storage.


SuiteDash automates various tasks that are essential for law firms. These tasks include appointment scheduling, document management, and client billing. By automating these tasks, law firms can save time and focus on providing legal services to their clients. Additionally, the software's automation capabilities help reduce the risk of human error, leading to fewer mistakes and more efficient workflows.

  • Automation of case management workflow
  • Reusable automation templates
  • Trigger multiple automations automatically by date or based on task completion

Reduced Reliance on Email

Emails are a crucial communication tool in the legal industry. However, emails can also be a significant source of confusion and delay. SuiteDash addresses this issue by providing a centralized platform for client communication. Clients can log into their custom portals and communicate with the law firm directly, reducing the need for emails. This helps to increase transparency and improves communication between clients and law firms

  • Automated Email Triggers
  • Automated client reminders

Reduction of Manual Work

SuiteDash also reduces the need for manual work by automating many tasks. For example, document management is done automatically by the software, eliminating the need for manual filing and searching. Additionally, the software's appointment scheduling feature eliminates the need for manual scheduling, freeing up staff time to focus on other tasks.

  • Automatic, standard client folders
  • Client Onboarding
  • Onboarding for Legal Matters
  • Engagement Letters and Retainers
  • E-signing of Documents

Avoid Missing Deadlines

Missing deadlines can have severe consequences for law firms, including penalties and lost business. SuiteDash helps to reduce this risk by providing a centralized platform for managing deadlines. The software's calendar feature allows law firms to set reminders for upcoming deadlines, ensuring that nothing is missed. Additionally, the software's document management feature makes it easy to locate and review important documents, reducing the risk of missing important deadlines.

  • Case management task due dates
  • Meeting Calendars

Improved Client Communications

SuiteDash's custom client portals improve communication between clients and law firms. Clients can log into their portals to access important documents, communicate with the law firm, and view their billing information. This improves transparency and makes it easier for clients to stay informed and engaged. Additionally, the software's appointment scheduling feature allows clients to schedule appointments with the law firm directly, improving communication and making it easier for clients to access legal services.

Client Portals

SuiteDash's custom client portals can be designed to meet the specific needs of each law firm. These portals can be customized to include features such as document storage, appointment scheduling, and client billing. Additionally, the portals can be configured to match the law firm's branding, improving the client experience and making it easier for clients to access legal services.

Efficient Billing for Services

SuiteDash's time-logging features allow your law firm to easily bill for time spent working on tasks for clients. Additionally, SuiteDash features powerful, versatile invoicing capabilities that provide the ultimate flexibility in automated, recurring billing against retainers and running charges for legal services.

Document Storage

SuiteDash's file management features allow law firms to store and organize documents in a centralized location, making it easy for staff to find and review important documents. Additionally, SuiteDash enables law firms to share documents with clients, improving transparency and making it easier for clients to access legal services.

Run And Scale Your Law Firm With SuiteDash

We are a SuiteDash Certified Agency Partner experienced in SuiteDash build-outs for law firms. Run And Scale is our dedicated SuiteDash consulting and support service.

Contact us to build-out SuiteDash to manage workflows, create client portals, and integrate advanced features to automate and streamline your law firm's operations. We'll help your firm grow with less manual effort.