SuiteDash Setup Accelerator

Here's what you get with our SuiteDash Setup Accelerator:

SuiteDash Validated Agency Partner

Run And Scale is a dedicated SuiteDash service provided by Pure Source.

We are:

  • A SuiteDash Validated Agency Partner
  • Experienced SuiteDash implementation specialists
  • Experts in integrating software and automation platforms
  • Experienced software and business consultants
  • Experts at business process automation

Client Experience & Branding

We setup SuiteDash to use your branding so your clients have a consistent experience that matches your company identity.

  • Company Settings
  • Domain
  • Email
  • Onboarding Automations
  • Custom Navigation

  • Platform Logo
  • Platform Colors
  • Custom CSS
  • Email Sending Method
  • Email logo
  • Setup Custom URL & Login

  • WordPress Website Login Integration

  • Welcome Emails
  • Thank You Emails
  • Informational Emails

*Automation and customization features require SuiteDash's Pinnacle Plan.

Client Onboarding

Getting your clients entered into your SuiteDash system is key to managing their experience.

Throughout the onboarding process, our framework allows you to keep that personal touch with your clients.

  • 2 Kickoff Forms - Fillable by Staff or Client
  • Integration with Main Website
  • Client Onboarding Flow

  • 2 Email Cannons*
  • 2 Form Cannons*

*Cannons require SuiteDash's PLUS Bundle Power-Up.


We customize SuiteDash to help you capture information about projects, clients, payments, planning and more. All in a framework that lets you stay personal with your clients.

  • Proposal Template with E-Signing
  • Custom data for Clients and Projects
  • Staff & Teams Setup
  • 2 Update Forms
  • On-demand Flow
  • 1 Project Template
  • Invoice Generator
  • Online Payments
  • Contract Template with E-Signing
  • 2 Automation Templates*

*Some Automation and customization features require SuiteDash's Pinnacle Plan.

Client Communications & Document Sharing

Clients are able to see updates regarding their Projects, securely share important documents, and communicate with you in one central location instead of always having to resort to emails, where things are easily misplaced.

  • Client Portal
  • Onboarding Progress Chart
  • Secure Documents Folders
  • Dashboard 2.0 Configuration
  • Centralized Work Communication

*Cannons require SuiteDash's PLUS Bundle Power-Up.

Hand-off & After-Care

After hand-off, we continue to check-in with you and your team to make sure you're hitting the ground running.

  • Video-based system guide
  • 5 business-days of Priority Support
  • Additional Support Available At Preferred Rates

Examples of Our Work

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